Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ice Age life and adventures

Ice Age life in old Buxton
a workshop at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, 
29th July 2015

Evidence - but of what we're not sure!

With many thanks to all our artists and makers this morning - just over 100 people joined me and made puppets and pop-ups in a stampede of mammoths over two hours

There are activities every Wednesday through the summer holidays. Contact the Museum for more details - or look at this post for details o a couple of other ones...

A fox lurks in a cave: Fox Hole Cave on Wheeldon Hill perhaps - or maybe Reynards Cave in Dovedale where a hoard of Roman coins was found...

 The inhabitants of this cave kept increasing....the owl moved in unexpectedly... (see top of the page)
We were also making folded-card animals. Two cave bears....

A small boy and his camp-fire
 A beautiful cave by a river, under a steep, sharp hill
Some of our cave-people were a bit was quite sure what the batmobile would have looked like, Ice-Age style, but we were sure Batman and Robin looked much the same. A Bat-sled with huskies perhaps?

 Unexpected inhabitants: a dragon!

An owl flies over the mouth of the cave, and an adventure begins...

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