Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pirates in Mottram

The Mottram Pirates
30th July 2015
pirate ships racing across a treacherous tabletop sea

the quiet village on Mottram St Andrew, tucked into the shadow of Alderly Edge in the leafy lanes of the Cheshire plain, harbours a dark and terrible secret

the pirates were generally a cheerful bunch

but one poor pirate was stranded on a desert island with his boat - but no sails

It was once the home of the terrible Mottram Pirates who, in their ship, the Mighty Mottram, pillaged their way across the high seas (and the low seas and various damp and swampy bits in the middle)
the Mermaid Judges at Pirate's Got Talent
a mermaid on her throne

A palace full of mermaids was involved as well but no-one is quite sure how
a pirate in his rowing boat

And one princess who annoyed everyone else, when her family wouldn't pay the ransom, ended up locked in a dungeon

the princess...
...and her prison
a pirate speed-boat
even with only one sail, a pirate ship can glide across the skies

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