Sunday, 18 October 2015

Workshop: Adventures with early years

 Working with younger children?
a training course
Thursday 5th November,
Wildwise, Devon

Who shall we send on our adventure?
Where shall we go?
What shall we find?
Who shall we meet?

The questions that spark stories, that have little fingers finding little treasures, that send us creeping through the bushes, building tiny houses out of twigs, telling stories. Telling stories: stretching language, finding new words, discovering descriptions through movement, through holding and handling, through being in the middle of our own adventure

Great ideas to further the excitement and opportunities for the children*

Do you work with younger children? I have another training course coming up in November aimed at creating these storytelling and art adventures with young groups. 

If you are interested in joining us, you are welcome to talk to me about the content and details but to book and discuss money you need to talk to the organizers, Wildwise

Workshops like these are aimed at teachers, countryside rangers, environmental educators, youth group leaders….

Confidence in working with stories and making them! Inspiration for activities to use at home and work. Ideas to carry forward to others

During a workshop, we will aim to
            explore ideas
            try out (hopefully) new or different ways of connecting people to the natural world
            experiment with materials and techniques
            give you time to think and plan for your own situation
            meet fellow professionals
            remind youself that working with people and nature is fun, and rewarding!

LOADS! My head is buzzing with ideas that will encourage all ages and abilities to engage in writing starting from the outdoor environment. Great way to get children outside without an excuse

Outdoor Adventures with Younger Children

Thursday 5th November: activities for creative times with younger children - from instant characters to take adventuring to finding treasures, making up stories, looking for secrets…for Wildwise in Devon
9.30 am - 4.30 pm
on the Dartington Estate
£115 / £95 / £70*

 Build your own toolkit of activities and themes to use with younger children. Looking at the world around us as a treasure-trove of stories, to inspire language, encourage communication and foster a deep sense of excitement. Discover the best pizza for a troll, and how to call a dragon from a flowerbed! Using readily transferable techniques and easily sourced materials, this workshop will encourage us to value and cherish the creativity of younger children.

(I feel I should point out that I am an environmental educator, artist and storyteller - not a bushcraft worker so we'll be happily muddied into art, story and leaves rather than bush-crafter stuff! There are lots of other workshops you can go to for this - look at the rest of the Wildwise programme for a start!)

* rates for business/voluntary-charitable organisations/individuals

Bookings: contact Wildwise.
Wildwise office 01803 868269 / 07919 093784
WildWise Events
Dartington Space
Dartington Hall

* the quotes are from participants at my October workshops for the Outrageous Nature Company

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