Saturday, 14 November 2015

It's a horse!

It’s a horse!
Lantern making for a wintry evening
It was going to be a person, a Guardian, or maybe a Herald for the Peak District with lantern-skin clothes of printed images of the Peaks. It became a deer, instead. Then a unicorn. Now, at the end, it’s a horse. 
it all begins to feel almost surgical

Over the last few weeks, working with members of the Buxton Project eARTh team we have had a cheerful time experimenting with lantern techniques and letting ideas evolve gradually and watching what emerges.

This sort of time is a luxury. Often lantern workshops are hectic public events with lots of people and a whirlwind of glue and tissue and dripping.

waiting for eyes

We’re almost done. There are a few birds still taking shape, and some small characters lurking around, but, come Friday and the Buxton Winter Celebration and all will be glowing!
big birds, small birds, and at least one fish

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