Thursday, 3 December 2015

A horse in the darkness

Buxton Winter Lights Celebration

21st November 2015

After several weeks of nice warm workshops, our Project eARTh lanterns were cast into the wild of a winter evening. After a day of rain and sleet and stormy winds, our bold lantern-makers assembled and wrapped and welly-booted we squelched and muttered our way into setting up our beautiful creations....

The lantern procession is the highpoint (at least for some of us!) of the Winter Lights Celebration with its funfair and market and delicious food and drink stalls. Oh, and its rain and hail and, by the next morning, snow!  Winter!

There were far more lanterns and people than suggested by these pictures. I've concentrated on the lanterns made during the Project eARTh workshops, visit  Buxton Sparkles  for pictures of the magnificent wider event. 

drummers to lead us...
...Ice Queen and a Snow King to lead us

and then.....

and at the end...

 Thanks to all our artists from the Buxton Project eARTh group!

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