Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Last of the Wonders

The Last of the Wonders

Wednesday 23rd December

10am – 1pm

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

have you stared into ancient forests?
Have you visited the Wonders before?
If not, why not make this your first visit! If you have wandered through the galleries before, join us for a last visit before the Exhibition is closed for a shakedown and a refit.
have you growled with the Bear?

What do you like? 
What have you relished over the years? 
Or what has made your skin creep!  

or seen the hungry hyena?
The bear and the beasts and the bones? 
A grinning mermaid in a glass case? 
A delicate Blue John window. 
Memories of plague and the Eyam Cross. 
Roman treasures and the wonder of polished black Ashford Marble?

Join us for a morning of tales and memories
Listen to old tales from the Peaks.
Share your own stories with us, draw a card to keep and leave us notes, comments and pictures in our “Book of the Wonders”. 

  • The event is free and materials are provided
  • No booking needed, just drop by and join in - but give yourself at least 30 minutes to get things done
  • Children of 7 and under should bring a grown-up with them so we can scare the adults with the Bear....
  • Buxton Museum, Terrace Rd, Buxton, SK17 6DA
  • find out more about the Collections in the Landscape project here

  • wave! the Mermaid is watching!

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