Saturday, 18 August 2018

Lollipop Stew

The stolen lollipop stew

and other misdaventures

Summer Reading Challenge in Leicestershire Libraries

we started with drawings
would you trust this travel agent?
My workshops for Leicestershire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge continued into more libraries and even stranger stories….(wander perilously here to encoutner earlier adventures) I don’t think activities need any more description than the following moments of words and pictures (the two do not necessarily coincide!)

“Let me sell you a holiday”,
Said the 20 fingered travel agent,
“A flying carpet, Granny,
For you and your cat and the book mouse
And Gogo the dog” and in the desert
A grumpy camel
Pursued by velociraptors on another holiday from long ago.

the Joker looking for a new naughty crew

The lollipop stew was stolen,
But the thief was chased down the street,
By a hungry giraffe
And an out of control sheep
And a desparate sheep-girl.
The stew slopped out of its bowl and everyone , even the cheetah, was sticky
Until Maggie, our Mum,
Came up with her elephant and showered everyone clean.

competition for places on The Joker's crew
The stomping monster stomped,
A stomping dance,
She stomped, he stomped, we all stomped together,
Stomping down the street,
Stomping through the forest,
Through the jungle,
Over the grass,
Up the mountain,
Stomping, stomping, stomping all the way….

These are the stories we were never told,
These are the books we’ve never read,
These are the adventures we’re waiting to have.

a mermaid, there was one who sneakily gave people seaweed wigs

Scribblemonsters and
Lily the Slug Girl and 
Mr Mischiloos (and the witch with the green hair) and his cousin
Mistroo the Magician.
A volcano erupts cold pumpkin soup.
And a giant snail with giant slime.
There are snakes.

a mischievous girl
There was a purple mouse in a
Purple house at the top of a
Purple tree with a lot of
Purple bees making
Purple honey

In an ordinary house on an ordinary street lived an
Extraordinary girl with an orange dog with a red tummy

the velociraptors got a bad holiday deal as well
 The King’s orange cat likes licking
Armour and icing sugar
And the kings legs and just about anything

a cat and her book-mouse
With many thanks to all the artists, puppeteers, storytellers and staff of 
Shepshed, Glenfield, Blaby, Lutterworth and Earl Shilton libraries
Thanks for all your enthusiasm, drawings, makings and wild imaginings 
and my apologies for not managing to post pictures of
everyone's puppets or pieces from all the stories!

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