Wednesday, 2 May 2012

More Small Things, and snow-covered mountains

A weekend in the Cairngorms with cold but bright days and snow on the mountains. Wonderful!

I was there to deliver a day on stories for activity and expedition leaders for Wilderness Scotland to extend their storytelling skills. This was part of an activity leaders' development programme, a joint venture betweenWS and the Institute for Outdoor Learning . Enthusiastic participants, nice venue and beautiful setting. What more could a'body ask for?
evening walk and knotted tree-roots on the banks of the Green Lochan
Lochan reflections

We spent Saturday evening in the company of Rupert Hutchinson watching planets rise and constellations twinkle slowly into sight as the skies darkened. Saturn looked like a cartoon of itself: such a small, precise image through the telescope. Venus and Mars glowed and we lost Andromeda somewhere behind Glenmore Lodge.

There was also an echo of an earlier post in the tiny peblle person who emerged during one of our exercises and promptly charmed the whole company so we took lots of photos of him/her/it posing….

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