Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Storytelling, mountains and wonders

Storytelling workshop
Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore, 
6th April 2014

ancient woods and deep pools will share their stories

Every year I do a lively day of tale-telling, riddles, and wild lies  as part of the Wilderness Guide Training Programme.

These are cheerful, busy days where we draw inspiration from the world around us to compose new stories, play with poems and finally find our own ways of remembering and retelling traditional stories

A day of excitement, laughter and challenges!

While this is part of the bigger Guide Training programme, you can book for just the single workshop (follow the link to find out more). Or why not make a weekend of it as that same weekend features other day workshops?  This year includes Gaelic in the Landscape, Wilderness Cookery and Astronomy

(this last is to be highly recommended - it is a very interesting day and two years ago we ended the workshop late on the Saturday night watching Saturn through a telescope and lying on the grass identifying constellations with mobile phone apps.) 

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