Monday, 16 February 2015

Taking flight....

Taking flight….
Fallibroome Creativity Week

9 -13th Feb 2015

I thought these palm trees were amazing!
Mottram Reception class
What a week that was! Dragons, monster, flying carpets, Icarus falling out of the sky all over again ( will that boy never listen? never learn?), shadow puppets….

Once a year, in a spectacular commitment to their feeder primary schools, The Fallibroome Academy (a Specialist Arts College) in Macclesfield organises a Creativity Week that either places creative types in those schools, or supports other visitors, or facilitates out of school visits to art galleries and museums.
walking through dangerous woods, Broken Cross Key Stage 1
The scale of it leaves me gasping a bit. There are 8 schools and, I think, something happening in each school every day. I'm sure Fallibroome will document to extent of their own organisational skill! Here, I want to celebrate the schools who hosted me and the children, teachers and support staff I worked with…There are some pictures but not a lot - too busy for cameras a lot of the time! (So if any school people out there have pictures, send them through please!)
"we ate ice creams in the rain with a pink unicorn",
Broken Cross Key Stage 1
But my week ran:

         from feathering Icarus on Monday morning to carrier bag dragons in the afternoon.
Dragon hatching

Dragon 1

Dragon, 2

 Tuesday unfolded with everyone in Broken Cross Primary School. There were long pictures unrolling in scribbles across the floor, adventures being told, pop-up stories made. We started with the film "Up" and it's first five minutes but that lovely starting point got left behind as we picked up speed….
the Gingerbread Man visited Candyland
         Wednesday: and I was off making Chinese Dragons in Buxton Museum, but that's another story!

designing dragons
Thursday: and a Reception class (Mottram) set off on a flying carpet (losing a few folk when we went round corners but we had a whole class so we thought with commendable lack of concern,  what's a few children here and there?
Our carpet unravelled into personal fragments and children made the landscapes they visited: seasides, icy wastes, jungles, deep waters and high mountains were all touched
And then there were shadow puppets….from a quidditch match - broadcast on Wizardly Flickervision that very Thursday evening to some 500 visitors in Fallibroome Theatre - to ravening dragons on Friday at Upton

Big eyes are watching,
Sharp claws are tearing,
Long teeth are shredding,
Pointed tail is stabbing,
Pigeon wings are fluttering
But golden scales shine bright and
This dragon glows like a sunrise

So, thank you all!

Thanks for your enthusiasm, readiness to plunge in and make and improvise and do and for just having a go!
It was a delight to work with you all!

and we might as well end on a sinister note
with the path through the wood to a suspicious house

and a witch's spellbook built into the pop-up

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