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Stories for the great outdoors

Stories for the great outdoors
or maybe
fir ye gurt ootseid?
 April 22nd 2016, 
Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore
this little character appeared on an earlier session

WildScotland are running their excellent “Art of Guiding in the Great Outdoors” training programme again this year. Here programmes can suit everyone from beginners to experienced group leaders, “allowing them to understand their guests better and to enhance their experience of the environment in which they operate”

I am involved in the “day modules” section where you can book on for individual sessions (rather than the whole programme) including such delicious treats as “Gaelic in the Landscape”, “Introduction to Bushcraft”, “Wild Stargazing”(with the delightful Rupert Hutchison). There are lots more: follow the link to become over-excited… And you could spend a day with me looking at some Environmental Storytelling
spinning stories out of scraps and found materials

“Stories, whether traditional or newly written, offer people an emotional, creative and intuitive way of engaging with the world around them. Well told, stories offer an audience ideas and experiences without dictating how they should feel or what a story should mean, encouraging listeners to value their own reactions to the places they encounter in a Guided Experience. This module will work with both established traditional stories and techniques to use in developing new stories with a group.”

During the day we will experiment with traditional stories, exploring ways of remembering and of telling and of making a story your own. We will wander, exploring as storytellers, gathering elements for stories from woods and weather, the stone beneath us, the sky above and just about anything that saunters past

Date: April 22nd 2016 in Aviemore
Cost: £95 + VAT
To book: contact Wild Scotland

Tempted? I hope so!
See you in the mountains!

come away with a story to tell


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