Friday, 29 July 2016

The dragons are coming!, 1

dragon skin as rough as rocks?
Dragon Days 
Tuesday 9th August
The Green Man Gallery 

dragon hearts as green as leaves?

This dragon,

That dragon,
My dragon,
Your dragon.
From sunrise golden to
Midnight black,
From submarine shimmer to
Pondslime green,

What will your dragon look like?
dragon scales as gold as autumn leaves?
Join me on a storytelling journey to discover the last dragons of Derbyshire with stories and puppet-making. 

Make your own little dragon with its own nest or cave and collection of treasure.

Time: 11am-1pm
Ages: 8-12 (Ages 6-7 welcome with an adult).
Price: £6

Please book a place: 01298 937375
Fee: £6.00

Part of the Buxton Family Festival, download a programme for the whole festival here

The Green Man Gallery

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