Sunday, 5 November 2017

lights in an ancient wood

Trees, stories and ancient stones
Plas Power Woods
29th October 2017

ready for stories
The evening began and ended with trees, with the glow of light on the leaves of Plas power Woods. There were stories, and fires, melting marshmallows and stars caught under the branches where the fish were swimming. There were wandering lines of lanterns and cheerful witches, occasional skeletons and lots of people well-wrapped against the cold. But the real beauties of the evening were the ancient woodlands of Plas Power

On the banks of the Clwyedog, these beech woods are wonderful places for events and it always a delight to come back and chill slowly to the bone over an evening. A lovely place to tell stories and an equally lovely place to receive stories from the trees and stones and the river itself

The regular team gathered again:
The Woodland Trust crew who hold it all together (thank you!)
Wilder Things: lanterns, a fire, hot apple juice and dripping marshmallows
And Creeping Toad for stories

This year
Mark was taking the photos, Esther was lighting trees and stories, Dan piped the groups through the woods with a beautiful husky wooden flute - and a team of Trust volunteers managed the 200 visitors, keeping them safe and moving on the dark trail through the woods

And we had a wonderful company of cheerful adventurers, slipping between the trees, enjoying the shadows and the lights and the rippling of the stream in a cold, clear night. What more could a Storytelling Toad ask of an evening?

Thank you all! 

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  1. It truly was a wonderful event. The best one yet. Love this blog it captures what we are trying to achieve. Thanks Gordon. Tim Kirwin (Wilder Things)