Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Hatching 2, Holy Trinity Primary School

Our adventures with the Ribble Rivers Trust continue...

This week saw musician Steve Brown and I working with 6 schools in Burnley who are all hatching trout eggs with a view to releasing them into the Brun and Calder rivers at the end of March.

We'll visit the schools again just before the Release to create some new work, but these first visits were to give the existing the art ideas an extra waterfall or two. So we have been writing rivers in cascades of words, creating trout life-cylce scores, and telling the small stories of eggs rolled in their redds in the cold, clear shallow waters of hill streams....

a series of posts will follow: one for each school

First: Holy Trinity School

Spring gushing, 
Dashing down the hill,
Salmon leaping, 
Otters eating
Deer drinking,
Herons stalking,
River rushing,
Hitting rocks, 
Rolling rocks,
Grinding rocks to gravel

Waterfall drags the river,
Over the edge,
And drops it,
Water under the rocks!
Water over the rocks.
Lashing water into showers of spray!

Falling fast
Racing round rocks,
Dangerously dashing down, 
Slowly slowing down, 
While little fish swim in weeds and shadows,
Safe from otters and children with nets
Deep, wide cold

River running faster, faster,
Jumping over the edge,
Leaping into space,
Rocky, rushing, 
Dashing down rocks

Brown redd,
Orange eggs, 
Black eggs, waiting
Clean water, cold water,
In the gravel,
Under the gravel,
Over the gravel,
Golden eggs,
Orange jewels,
One day i will hatch
One day i will be free!
Shallow water, safe water
Alevin trout,

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