Sunday, 16 February 2014

Large eagles and small people

Fallibroome Arts Week (3)

Large eagles and small people

The badge of Nether Alderley Primary School is an eagle, linking them to local folklore and the Stanley family. Almost inevitably, when this old Toad got his clammy amphibian fingers on the idea it changed a bit. We spent a day telling eagle stories, making up eagle stories, fabricating furiously and being as convincing as possible about our own adventures when ....

It picked me up! It picked me up! I was in the playground when this huge eagle... My hat blew off and I never saw it again...I was eating an ice-cream and when I got really high in the air it fell off the cone and landed on a teacher in the playground....I went away round the world, it was very exciting, I am never coming back...

So we spent a day where "every feather tells a story" with everyone in the school making at least one story-feather for our huge school eagle (wingspan about 4m).

an Interim Eagle: the shoulder spike would be
trimmed and the wings given their final position -
photo to follow!

A classroom in Broken Cross Community School doubled its complement of characters with a swarm of small puppet people with everyone from cheetah's to goblins and a very fat little devil.  We used props: pine cones, plates, kettles, goblets and tankards to set ideas in motion and build characters around objects. There were princesses holding their golden goblets, pirates with treasures and some beautiful dragons....

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