Friday, 14 February 2014

Fallibroome: a week of wild weather and wilder creativity!

I'm not sure that van Gogh expected the picnic

Fallibroome Academy - a specialist Arts College in Macclesfield, every year runs an Arts Week with a collection of Primary Schools. This year they had the immense good sense (or the unparalleled recklessness, read it as you will!) to book me as one of the visiting artists

feathers for the Nether Alderley Eagle

I've had a great week of delicious adventures from the Great Fire of London to swarms of strange ribbon-and-rod puppets, from feathering a giant eagle to roaming the world with Year 1s and today discovering the bits that van Gogh never quite got round to painting
a cheerful character from Broken Cross

I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked - so more will follow as they come in from schools

We are the Mottram Storytellers and we would like to take you on an adventure,
Come with us

Through the haunted, abandoned village where the ghosts watch,
Avoid the mysterious mine with creepy, creaking noises;
Over the narrow enchanted bridge where the crocodiles live
And piggyback on an Ogre through the warm, snake-infested, slime-gooey 
Swamp of Swallowed Souls in the Jungle of Misery and Despair.

Come into our enchanted wood,
Crawl under the twisted tree branches
But beware they don’t tie you into the trunk.
Climb over the bushy tree,
Squeeze between the two trees where something is waiting
Dig under the magical, bendy. twisty, mystical blossom tree
Climb the ladder to the tree top house.
And rest!

Follow your favourite smell
Through our wild wood,
Mint, beefburger or chocolate,
Will take you into our jail 
Of tree-roots and branches
Where you will rest on a pile of bones

Squeeze! Through the ancient bones of prisoners and trees!
Squeeze! Between the twisted, tangled, mossy branches
Dig up! Dig out! Dig under the dark enchanted roots and...

Climb over the redwood tree
Slide past the ash,
Find the glimmering, golden key
That unlocks a door to the past!

With many thanks to the staff and pupils of "my" schools - more images follow in the next two blogs

Nether Alderley Primary School

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