Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Hatching 6 - fingerlings

The fish that hatched 8 weeks ago are now ready for release

a trout river (St Peter's Primary)
In preparation for this momentous moment, our teams of bold Fishkeepers have been composing songs, making model rivers (to show their charges what to expect) and preparing farewell speeches of useful advice
trout were drawn (Springfield Primary)

A few examples follow - imageso f the fish themselves, copies of songs, and pictures of one of the releases will follow shortly!

At Ightenhill Primary School, Jenny Greenteeth herself emerged to deliver a Fare Well address

Springfield's little fish
Trout, I would like a quick word...
Look for a boytrout or girltrout friend
Avoid friends that are bigger than you
- you might end up their dinner
but remember two trout are better than one!

Watch out for the stamping hooves of horses and deer
Swim fast, flicker past, you have nothing to fear!
Watch out for the larger fish
And don't become their tea-time dish!
Hungry herons love to eat you
Hide in the gravel where they can't see you!
a river at Ightenhill Primary School

Wellies in the water are warnings of danger
So don't be tempted by the juicy maggots
Or the flies on silver hooks.
Watch out for the fishermen!

Don't swim up to the light
Even when the shadows hold pike,
They won't swallow you bit by bit,
They will swallow you in a lfick!

Stay in the weeds where you'll be safe,
Disappear in the gravel,
Do not worry,
I'll be there,
I'll protect you.
In my green hair
They won't find you
Don't be scared
I will kill them,
In the air…

In St Joseph's Primary School, the FishTeam made river hats for themselves

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