Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Perfect Pond

Hoorah for newts and all the creeping cousins!
The Perfect Pond
a new story book from Froglife

Do you need a last minute present?
maybe you'd like to offer someone a moment of creeping delight
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this is not a newt
The magnificent charity Froglife * has just produced a little book about the adventures of a Great Crested Newt heading out to find a new pond

It’s a bit of a cop-out of a blog but I’m going to quote from the Froglife Press Release

A newt went down to the pond one night…
What did he find?
Who did he meet?

and this is a Malawian frog
Let Froglife take you on a journey with our amphibian friend using this beautifully illustrated new book. The Perfect Pond is a children’s story with a difference. Set in the British countryside with native wildlife characters, the book introduces children to their natural heritage and encourages discussion about UK species and their habitats, ecology and conservation.

Froglife will be using the book when working with primary schools. It is aimed at Key Stage 1 children aged five to seven, but can be enjoyed by younger and older children alike. At the back of the book is information about the different characters, definitions, basic information about why amphibians and reptiles are under threat, and suggestions of things you could do to help.

Jenny Leon, Froglife’s Learning Coordinator said “This is not just a great story, it actually stimulates real discussion. If we care about the environment, we need to be having these conversations with the children in our lives.”

and this is an African puddle-frog...
To buy the book, and exclusive Christmas cards using some of the illustrations, please visit Froglife’s online shop All profits will fund Froglife’s work looking after native amphibians and reptiles, and helping people learn about and enjoy our wildlife. You can also download some fantastic activity sheets linked to the story at

Go for it, hopping all the way! (that last comment's from me)

* I may be a Trustee but I am not at all biassed....or not very much...
You're going to have to find your own newts!

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