Friday, 18 November 2011

Winter Celebration

music under the trees, and a long line of glowing lanterns weaving down to the Hall, 
shining deer may step briefly out of the woods and unexpected flowers 
and butterflies suddenly shine in memories of summers gone
(our first ideas)

"what makes our villages special?" is the question lying behind a Winter Celebration project now in full glue-and-tissue bedlam in south Derbyshire.

Combining workshops with communities in the villages of Ticknall and Weston-on-Trent with the neighbouring National Trust Calke Abbey estate ( visit them here!  ), the project sets out to celebrate people, places and creativity, culminating in a lantern procession through the estate grounds in the late afternoon of Saturday 3rd December

Workshops to date have offered:

skill-sharing with local volunteers

a noisy evening with Ticknall Youth Group

an afterschool session at Weston-on-Trent ( Weston Primary School  )

cooperative sessions involving the Ticknall Toddlers Group with Key Stage 1 children from the local school (  Dame Catherine Harpur's School )

an exciting afternoon where Key Stage 2 pupils worked with the Ticknall Art Group to make the most ambitious lanterns of the project so far!

People - because "people are what makes our village special"

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