Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A world gathering worth joining

It's a bit of an unwieldy title but WEEC2007 was one of the most exciting events I've been to in ages!

The 2007 WEEC was in Durban and I came away with new friends, new experiences and a bucket full of ideas to think about
things to see

2013 is a bit closer to Europe - Marrakesh in Morocco. We're right on the deadline for submissions and for early bird bookings but do take a look, have a think and maybe plunge in! (Images are from Durban)
time and places to stop and chat

Don't think too long, like jumping into the water, it's better just to leap!

Hope to see you there!

things to handle
And we visited an aquarium so, of course, I got very excited about the animals!

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