Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Story of the Trees: the story begins

Lord Ancrum's Wood
Newbattle Abbey

A project begins, unfolding the untold stories of the beautiful trees of these woods...
Descriptions of strange woodland people...

1. A curving seed nose
In a green leafy face
With wooden lips and acorn eyes
She runs through the wood 
With her twiggy arms
Tickling trees
Her clam shoes leave
Strange footprints in the mud
 (first spotted by Danderhall brownies)

another character evolves

2. Fatso-craig, the boulder boy
Only three feet tall, he is as wide as he is tall.
A boulder of a boy with a horn nose and a mouth as round as a cowrie shell.
Leaves grow as hair on his round stone head
And his gravel stubble needs shaving twice a day to stop it avalanching down his face
(discovered by 12th Midlothian Scouts)

3. A sea-shell hat
 Sits on top of flower hair,
While little acorn eyes peer out 

Either side of a little pine-cone nose
And a big shell mouth
Smiles above a
Dress of long leaves and moss
(discovered by Danderhall brownies)
there should be a song
"she had pine-cone eyes and a lop-sided smile"!

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