Monday, 7 October 2013

The Story of the Trees, 2: Giants and Toadstools

Story of the Trees
Newtongrange Primary School
Woodland Giants and Grumpy Toadstools

... the strange woods and friendly classrooms of The Ancient Newton Grange, offer an insight into a wild and wonderful world....

Giants grow on tables, sprouting leaves and root-beards and pet bats
a giant taking shape

Night-giants are fierce,
Night-giants are dangerous.
Night-giants are the wind that 
whistles through the woods in the dark
Night-giants are the creak and crack of trees in the night
Night-giants are the touch of a twig on your neck

And, worse of them all, Coombe is their king.
He lives apart from other giants,
In the darkest corners of the deepest wood. 
No light comes here.
No sunlight disturbs him
Even in the brightest summer day.
He lives apart, alone but for his animal friends, bats and owls,
Fierce and ferocious, he haunts the night-time woods
Hating sunlight, loving shadows

Toadstools push out of foam, slowly gathering eyes and features and voices, quiet voices, just whISpers for now, almost too faint to be heard yet
I have no eyes to see with,
no mouth to speak with

I like the colours of autumn leaves
I like their crunching under my feet
I like the smell of the wind 
And the taste of juicy brambles

But one day, one day soon,
I will be able to watch you!

I hate these autumn days
And colours and crunching
And conkers and kicking
And everything....

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