Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Story of the Trees, 3: the sad story of Night-time

Redbeard the Giant

The Trees project continues here in Lord Ancrum's Wood. This is a Forestry Commission project in these beautiful woods which they manage in partnership with Newbattle College, in Dalkeith, just south of Edinburgh

Working with schools, college students, community groups and the public, we are shaping new stories from the woods, gathering stories and images towards public storywalks on SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER, meeting at 2pm  outside the college (follow link for directions)

Today we met some more giants (Hawthornden Primary School) and have prepared a set of vivid autumn banners (Newtongrange Primary School) that will fall into their full spectacle tomorrow
a giant receives some cosmetic attention

The Butterfly Giant lives in a castle made of tree trunks and there he lives a happy, friendly life. Or he is friendly as long as he isn’t hungry. When he gets hungry he gets very grumpy and then he will eat a whole deer or chew a tree-trunk to splinters. For a snack, he always carries a bag of woodlice sweeties: as sweet and crunchy as Crunchies themselves and they stick to his teeth in just the same way

Not very long ago, he was in a battle with some unfriendly giants when even his Guard-spider, throwing webs at anyone who came too close, could not stop Butterfly Boy getting a few cuts. If you see him just now, you’ll see the butterflies sitting like plasters on his face, holding his cuts shut with their legs

Redbeard the Giant and friends
outlines ready, paint going on
an autumn flag with paint being applied
Night-time's story? it is so unspeakably sad we couldn't possibly publish it, yet. You'll just have to come and join us on Saturday!

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