Monday, 24 February 2014

Leaping into spring!

Leaping into spring!
these aren't actually Ness crocuses but worth smiling over anyway!

all packed and ready for action
2 days of hectic events in lovely Ness Gardens on the Wirral left me gazing out of the window, between sudden stunning showers and hoping for a quiet chance to visit the daffodils and crocuses that were glowing in the grass or a moment to stop and enjoy the elegance of the beech copse

But no, the Pirates were calling. A planned set of dignified 4 2-hour workshops building puppet characters and telling their stories split, like overfed amoebae, into 8 1-hour sessions that were much more rushed. We had
so many visitors that in any session we were pushing the boundaries of our space - hence the shift in plan. Lovely that so many people wanted to join in but by the end I needed to lie down in a flowerbed and hope for someone to fan me with gunnera leaves but alas, too early in the year - for either fans or fanners it would seem!

Ness Gardens is home to many animals including the beautiful Leaf-tailed F
ox and the White-nosed Shimmer Badger

Then there is the rare Ness Giraffe, so rare in fact that no-one has ever seen one

Ness Pirates: sail the seas in their ship, the Lazy Seagull, plundering people not of their gold but of their flowers - and bringing these back to Ness

Ness also features a fierce brand of heroine who is always ready to save the Gardens and its wildlife from just about anything!  

And, of course, the woods of Ness are haunted...but no-one is quite sure by what!

and one of these days, I'll get my Gunnera fan.....

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