Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Hatching 5: fish as fast as arrows

Singing the fish: trout brown as shadows

The rivers continue to run....but it looks like some of our images and poems have got jumbled up (what can we expect when we try to control water!) If you are one of the pupils, parents or teachers from these schools, do get in touch if pictures and words are creditted to the wrong school!

This is a silver stream, so cool and fresh as can be
Fish eggs like little beads
Eels as big as santa’s bag of treats
The robins sing in such harmony

Freezing through the splashing, popping,
Water rushing stones
Water bubbles
Huge strong rocks blocking the icy flow

Water smashing over rocks
Splashing people,
Water thrashing,
Water crashing,
Soaking the grass,

Slowing down, running wider, 
The river slips into a pool, 
Dark ice-cold water
Deep water, calm water, ripples meandering, 
Slow carp in deep pools,
Grasping weeds to pull you down, 
Down to the stones where the eels live,
Small fish, silver fish, white fish darting, 
Fast as arrows, lightning flickers

Kingfishers dive, chasing fish 
Graceful swans glide across the pool, 
Carp sneak like ghosts through weeds and water

Trout blend in brown as sand, as stone, as shadows
Moss everywhere, under water, on the bank, over the stones, up the trees, 
On the stepping stones where you wobble across the pool

Otters waiting
Big trout hunting
Deep dark, cold as ice

Yellow lightning flashes,
Thunder crashes!
Rain comes splashing down!
Every raindrop feeds the flood.

The river overloaded, bursting, flowing to the sea
A soggy disaster, dirty, nasty mess
Huge, wet, destroying, damaging, 
We are left disgusted, exhausted, vulnerable

But now the river escapes to the sea.

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